Welcome to Secret Doors. Crazy Zed's homemade terrain shop. All products are handcrafted and I ensure the utmost care and attention to detail.

If you are looking for items with lower price tags, try reaching out to me directly. I'm happy to work out a deal and accomodate smaller budgets.

This is a passion hobby for me and I use most, if not all, of my products in my own roleplaying games. My philosophy is that you don't need to have a piece for every possible situation or location, but throwing down a Battle Board and tossing some scatter on it will really power up your imagination.

I write a blog with build process photos if you're interested. And if you have any ideas for custom pieces or just want to reach out, you can do so here.

Deadlands Log

Jed's Journal - Episode 10 - As the Worm Turns

Something seemed different about this part of our story. A good and welcome difference.  I still have a hard time believin' that the posse was usin...

Jed's Journal - Episode 9 - Compound Fractions

The posse headed to Castle Dale. Mary, Hank, and Oscar strode up to the gate and were pleaseantly surprised to see Jeff and Bearl guarding the comp...

Jed's Journal - Episode 8 - Where the Looking Glass Went

The posse was split up. Richard, Ai, and Tessa, were all reasting at the Pig. Ai quickly went upstairs to rest from her ordeal at the compound. Tes...