Hangman's Post

This time I wanted to make something that will get used almost every session... A hangman's post! Maybe your games won't include as many hanging scenes as mine but tossing this accessory onto the board will bring out the terror in your players!

So I started with an odd shaped scrap piece of XPS foam and cut it into some roughly square lengths.

Off cut piece of xps foam  A single length of foam  Assorted lengths of foam

Next I needed to cut these pieces to length and cut the diagonal brace for the post. The foam then needed to be scored with a wire brush to create the wooden effect and finally glued together. Here's a close up of the texture.

The cut and glued pieces of foam to form the main post. Glued together post.Close up of texture

My original base was much too small and didn't provide enough weight to counter balance the whole post. It was very top heavy. I also decided to add on some small strips to where the base connects to the post for some nice details. But this foam is super light so that didn't help I ended up added a larger base and I even glued a 50 cent Euro into it to really weight this thing down. 

Base with stripping lengths. New base with glued Euros Glueing the Eruo 

Everything was of course scratched with the wire brush for that sweet wood texture.

Scored and assembled.

 Now that it's sufficiently heavy it's time to paint. Step one is a mixture of black acrylic paint and mod podge. Then I base coat with a light brown, add streaks of a golden brown and finish it off with a dry brushing of a tan colour.

First couple coats of paint

Finally I had to google how to tie a noose (one of my weirder googles...) and glued it to the post. That's it! My first hangman's post. Let me know what you think!

Final product

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