Wooden Crates

It's a crate time to be alive...

First off I will say that I'm very hesitant to put these in the store, because honestly, they are by far my favourite creation so far. The down side is they take a looooong time to make. So I don't know. Here's a blog about it. If you really want to buy some let me know, we'll talk.

First you need to slice up the foam. Cubes and thin strips. I wasn't too careful measuring the strips so you'll see lots of variance, but to me that adds great detail and each crate is truly an individual.

Cut up cubes of foam Cubes with Strips of foam
Next step was to score the base cubes with wood texture. This was done with a xacto knife, a ball-point pen, and a wire brush.

Cutting in the board line Deepening the lines Scoring the wood texture into the foam
Now the painstaking part of this whole crate build. Cutting the strips of thin foam to length to fit along the edges of the cubes. This part was tough because I didn't want to use hot glue as these were so small the excess glue would be too noticeable.

So white glue it is! But that means slower drying times so you can only glue one or two lengths at a time. Multiply that by 5 pieces per side, by 5 sides to the cube (didn't do the bottom) and then by the number of cubes (in my case 8).

Strips ready to be added to the cubes
First few added Getting closer
After a few hours and many episodes of old comedy tv. It is complete. Now for the fun part. Painting! First layer is coat of black paint mixed with mod podge as always. Then base it with a medium brown, making sure to get a full coverage and in all the cracks.

Base coated crates First browns added
Finally we added the highlights of golden brown and tan to finish them off.

I think they look really good on the board next too my other stuff. Let me know if you have any ideas to speed up this process and I may consider selling them.

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