Jed's Journal - Episode 1 - The Hanging

That odd scientist and I have been travailing through the Utah Desert for four days now. He goes by Hank Euing but he don't seem comfortable with the name. Not my place to questions. The man paid me to get him safely to Salt Lake City and that I will do. Lucky for him I'm one of the few remaining coachmen who know a safe way through the desert without a steam powered wagon. Hank hasn't told me why he's going to the City o' Gloom, but he mumbles something about it in his sleep. A goat faced man, I think? Weird dreams I reckon'. The way I see it, he's just another one of them mad scientists headed to the attraction that is the most technologically advanced city in the world.

Along the way we picked up a an extra passenger, Mary Mendoza, one of them fabled Bloody Mariachi by the looks of it. She hasn't said much, and Hank was sleepin' when we found her lost in the middle of the desert. I couldn't leave her out there alone so I told her to hop in. If it's true what they say about the Bloody Mariachi, then I'm glad to have her on board. She'll be a force to be reckoned with should we encounter any bandits or creatures of the night. When she looked at me with those dark eyes through her steel mask, I felt as though she was looking right into my soul. I tried to avoid looking at her from that point on.

It wasn't long after that, that we made it to the outskirts of Falson Creek. A normal stop on my route through the desert. This small town is usually a pleasant respite from the harsh environment. However, this visit was not like the others. As we approached the hangman's post at the very edge of town there was a commotion, looked like a hanging was in progress. I learned later that the accused's name was Richard Banks. A good fella' from what I can tell.

The town marshal, Tim Sanders, was a new marshal for Falson Creek. I'd only met him once before, and I'd been driving through Falson Creek for well over a decade. The marshal didn't seem quite right. He was pushin' for this hanging with a strange look in his eye and the townsfolk didn't seem to be respondin' to it very well. Even Wendy the executioner looked to be having her own doubts. Richard was bound with his hands behind his back but had yet to be noosed. 

The Bloody Mariachi jumped outta the wagon to take a better look. The scientist tumbled out the back after her. So naturally I stopped too. As we was looking, out of nowhere this Indian comes flying off the hangman's post an pounces onto the marshal. Everybody froze for a moment. The marshal was able to push the Indian off of him. They tell me the Indian's name is Shadow Fang. Strange name, but a strong man.

Then that Richard Banks fella' hopped of the block and Wendy helped untie him. Seems he'd convinced her of his innocence, which wasn't that hard considering the way the marshal was behaving. Then a man from town named Russell, jumped up onto the platform to help out the marshal. Nobody knew what this Shadow character was up to, but he seemed to be protective of Richard.

At some point during the commotion Bloody Mary disappeared. It's possible she was never there in the first place. I wouldn't be surprised if these old eyes were playing tricks on me. Henry, the scientist, on the other hand was rummaging through his things in the back of the wagon and putting on some kind of contraption. He sure took his sweat time back there while everybody else was fightin'.

No matter, the Indian was able fend off both Russell and Tim. He knocked Russell clear off the platform and he landed unconscious. Richard actually got the final blow against the marshal, however I never seen nobody hold their knife quite like that. Tim was fine, Carver the dentist was able to patch him up nicely. The odd thing though was that Tim had some kind of tick burrowed in his chest. A big one too, bigger then I ever seen.

Shadow was all over that, saying he was gonna remove the tick. The others stopped him though. Hank had just finished getting suited up when all the fightin' had stopped. He looked like a spaceman with all that technology and I'd say he looked a little disappointed. I couldn't tell you what that device was supposed to do by the looks of it. Then Hank tells me to pull up the wagon and we decide to help the marshal by getting him back into town.

Richard and Hank share a look. Hank seemed to recognize Richard and was pleased to see him, but Richard was giving him the cold shoulder like he didn't know him. Either way Richard and Carver lift Tim into the wagon and sit by him. Shadow Fang and Wendy follow along by foot. Then Hank did something funny with his device there, it started to whir and glow but nothing really happened. He then joined me in the front of the wagon.

The rest of the townfolk got trailin' behind us because this dust storm starting picking up suddenly. I wonder if Hank's device had something to do with that? 

On the short ride into town the dentist was able to patch up the marshal and they all discussed what to do about the tick in his chest. Hank even gave his educated two cents on the matter. Shadow Fang and Wendy were chattin' away about it too. Why's everyone so obsessed with that damn tick? Hell if I know.

As we approached the town I remember thinkin' it looked a lot more run down then I remember. And where was everybody? Something didn't smell right to Old Jed.

The Hanging at Falson Creek

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  • Old Jed’s got a good pair o’ eyes on ‘im. I reckon he’d be a good person to ask about a lot o’ things.


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