Jed's Journal - Episode 10 - As the Worm Turns

Something seemed different about this part of our story. A good and welcome difference. 

I still have a hard time believin' that the posse was using Dr. Bart's flying machine to escape from a giant mechanical spider. Harder still to believe that was far from the weirdest event of the evening.

Richard was climbing up a dangling rope to the platform of the flying machine. Ai was helping him too. Hank was trying to help Dr. Bart fly the machine. Seems Dr. Bart could not recall quite how to fly it. Mary took to the defensive and pulled out her guns.

As they flew upwards they realized they needed to open up the hatch door at the ceiling to escape. When questioned Dr. Bart realized that the release button for the door was back on the ground where that mechanical spider was thrashing around in the lab.

At the same time some more small mechanical creatures began assaulting the flying machine. These clanks could fly and were not unlike the cleaners from the party, except the large metal jaws that were usually used for transporting cases of goods were acting now like huge teeth and ripping chunks from the airborn vehicle.

Mary had a similar chunk ripped out of her. But they said snakes appeared out of the wound and her clothes stitched themselves back together. I'm not even surprised anymore when I hear this sorta shit about that Mariachi.

Richard finally made it safely to into the flying machine and took a sniff of some freshly made pure ghost rock powder.

I should take a moment here to point out where Richard had been during the party. Seems he went to meet with Rebbecca and she had been showing him around the compound, requesting his financial aid as an investor. 

Richard feinted interest so that she would show him their lab. The plan worked and he was able to splunk around for clues while he was there. Richard scored that pure ghost rock powder from then and was even able to find a a large library.

The library was of interest to him since he learned that Ai was looking for a copy of the famous Hoyle's book of games. He found a copy, but not the one Ai was looking for. Ai found Richard snoozin' in the library and checked the book for herself. Inside she found a code on a scrap of paper. A clue to the original book of games she hoped.

After that both Ai and Richard headed back through the lab and found the rest of the posse as they were confronting Rebbecca.

Back to present matters, Ai took aim and expertly hit the release button for the ceiling door. Dr. Bart and Hank kicked the flying machien into a higher gear and they quickly escaped from the compound's basement lab.

They were now out in the smog above Castle Dale and having a hard time breathing. Mary was still dealing with the flying clanks giving them chase. When she realized the smog would be dangerous to her companions she started praying and her miracle spread the cloud of ash away from them and kept a safe bubble around them as they flew.

Although it was successful Mary's connection to the Death Spirit was fading. Perhaps it was reconnecting with Congalvo that triggered something in her.

Meanwhile Hank, Dr. Bart, and Ai were trying to figure out how navigate and fly the contraption. Dr. Bart knew he wanted to take the away from the city and he had a nearby secret lab in the mountains they could get to.

Ai had another one of those funky hunches and suddenly she seemed confident in her ability to fly the machine. Dr. Bart gave her the controls and turned his focus to the clanks in pursuit.

Richard was also trying to deal with those clanks. But instead of usin' his sawed off shotgun he was just pointed towards them and concentrating real hard. I reckon he was trying' to blow up the ghost rock inside those clanks, just like that Top Hat guy seemed to be able to do.

Richard definitely felt something going on and the clanks started flying all wobbly like. That's when Dr. Bart began assisting him. He pulled out a large book, some old textbook or tome. There were markings painted in black all over the pages. Dr. Bart flipped to the right one and with a flash of light the clanks dropped outta the sky.

The group was releaved but they weren't done yet. A coupel of clanks had latched on to the bottom of the flying machine. Some of the posse could hear them chewing at the hull from below.

That's when that crazy Mexican leapt from the edge of the platform. As she fell she turned her guns to the flying machine and shot the clanks that were underneath. When she hit the ground her entire being turned into a puff of dust and she was gone. For now anyway.

The posse had come to expect such extreme actions from that Mariachi so they were not too shocked. Dr. Bart however assumed she had just comitted suicide.

The clanks had done some damage so Dr. Bart and Hank were trying to fix the machine while Ai continued to pilot it. After some fiddling Dr. Bart thought they had it when the whole engine started spitting and they began falling fast.

Ai was able to soften their descent but a collision was coming. They landed in the foothills just shy of the mountains around midnight.

Mary saw this from a distance and decided to turn back to help her companions. And it didn't take her long to make up the distance and find them.

The others started building a fire while Dr. Bart and Hank began working on the machine, they said it would likely take several hours and most of the night to get back into the air.

During the night Richard tried to get some sleep while Mary used some peyote to try and reconnect with Death. Ai kept a vigilant watch over their camp. She saw something sneaking around in the shadows and calmly alerted the group.

They all prepared themselves for an attack but nothing came for them. A couple hours later they heard a cry for help coming fro ma short distance of their camp. They suspected a trap but couldn't risk not looking into it.

Mary and Richard went to investigate. At this point Mary had seen some serious hallucinations but was still somewhat capable of defending them, Richard hoped so at least.

Dr. Bart asked Ai to stick around and protect them should anything happen. Ai agreed but was also nervous abotu defending herself in this darkness.

Mary and Richard reached a large tree with no sign of anyone around. Mary approached the tree which seemed almost out of place in these plains. Then suddenly a large cat horse demon, or maybe a demon horse cat, well something jumped attacked them out of the tree.

Richard shot reactively at the beast but even though they were point blank the shotgun did little against the abomination. The beast screeched. It was a terrifying sound, and it could be heard for miles.  But that didn't stop the posse.

Mary prepared her empowered bullets feeling a little closer to Death now in her intoxication. The beast jumped at her and she barely got out of the way in time. Mary turned to face the creature and ended it within seconds.

Mary could see Death's aura around the beast and she understood waht the spirit wanted from her. Without hesitation she began feasting on the creatures flesh. This reconnected her more strongly with Death and provided a vision of some other realm to her.

Richard was thouroughly disgusted by this and would proceed to point it out every chance he got for the rest of the night. When they returned to camp the scientists were nearly finished with the flying machine.

Mary began asking Dr. Bart more questions regarding his time in Castle Dale. He was a bit distracted and tried to answer her but then he musta pulled the wrong switch because the whole machine exploded in their faces. It sent Dr. Bart and Hank flying backward to the ground although Mary stood through the force of the impact.

That explosion set them back in their repair schedule but they had it up and running again before morning. Thankfully no other creatures tried to eat them while they rested and waited for them to finish the repairs.

In the morning light Dr. Bart could see that the walking path into the mountains had been blocked by a recent rockslide. This was a happy conclusion for him since it would make tracking them that much mroe difficult. 

They all got into the flying machine began lifting off. Ai still helped out with the operation of the device. They weren't far from Dr. Bart's lab and he directed Ai to land the flying machine in a clearing. 

The flying machien had just enough juice to get there and puttered to death once it landed. Dr. Bart assured them that they wouldn't be needing it anymore.

They walked a ways to the cliff face where Dr. Bart said his lab should be. Richard's keen eyes noted a small glint of a gold coin that was sitting near an old corpse. Him and Ai both jumped for it and Ai was just a little bit faster and got there before him.

Unluckily for her it was a trap and it sprang on her. Richard jumped back and avoided any damage himself but Ai got a nasty cut in her ribs.

That's when they heard the cocking of a shotgun. It was one of Dr. Bart's old associates, Pedro. Dr. Bart thought he was long dead, but was glad to see him alive, and moreso glad to see that Pedro had kept his lab running as best he could over the years.

The posse funneled into the lab looking around in awe at the gadgetery in this mountain cave, especially Hank. Then Richard began fidling with some of the other traps in the lab. Dr. Bart was having a good laugh watching him. That ghost rock powder must be rotting out the boy's mind.

Lucky for Ai there was an old make shift healing device that still had a few charges in it. Extra lucky for her that it didn't explode in with her inside it.

The posse had a lot of questions and Dr Bart tried to give them as many answers as he could. One of the most interesting answers was that he had another way back into Castle Dale via a Teletransportive device.

Ai was able to confirm that Rebecca was still alive and was looking for them. Dr. Bart agreed that made sense. That's when he remembered he had another location to enter Castle Dale with his device. He said the lab of the late Professor Billy had a reciprocal device that he could connect to if only he had the code with him to configure the Teletransporter.

The biggest question left is what the posse will do when they get back to Castle Dale, and if they'll remember to bring Ol' Jed with them next time they go on such an adventure.

Notable Quotes

"I will not leave Castle Dale in the hands of those machines." - Mary

"It's fixed now. No more burritos." - Dr. Bart

"You gonna eat that?" - Richard

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