Jed's Journal - Episode 2 - That Ain't No Ordinary Prairie Tick

Well Falson Creek sure has gone to hell.

The town was mostly deserted and the winds be howlin'. It looked as though most of the buildings had been abandoned and everyone was livin' out of the saloon. Some of the buildings even had strange stains and were damaged. What had happened to this sweet little town?

As we rolled, in Shadow Fang immediately runs off into the desert mumbling something about finding a nest. He was gone as quickly as he appeared. But I don't think that'll be the last we see of that particular Indian. The dentist, Carver, got that wounded marshal into the saloon to patch him up. Hank goes with him but not to help, he's more curious about that tick then saving a life.

Richard went along with Wendy, the executioner, to the jail. Seems this little Chinese beauty was being held in there while everyone else was watching the hanging. She sprung herself out and nearly ended up shot when she attacked Wendy. They mentioned her name was Eye? Well she didn't seem too interested in old Jed anyhow.

Hank discovered that the dentist also had one of them ticks in him. Just not quite as a large. They decide to experiment on the little tick and try to remove it by poking it with a hot iron rod. Meanwhile Richard was trying to keep the peace between the two ladies. He managed, but Wendy was still unsettled. Seems whatever happened here was eating away at her.

Ai confidently strode outta that jail and looked down the road at the dust storm. It had followed us into town but stayed at the edge, mysterious like. She saw a figure emerge from the storm. It was Russel, cut up, and nearly dry to the bone. He was screaming at us to let the marshal go. He mighta hit his head pretty hard earlier and didn't realize we were tryin' to help.

Inside the saloon Hank was inching closer to Carver's tick and immediately upon contact with the hot iron rod that tiny tick buried itself deeper into Carver's flesh. Carver was quite relieved for a moment until Hank began thinking about more elaborate ways of extracting the tick.

Russel and Wendy get into an argument as she tries to convince him we ain't a threat. But Russel keeps telling her to get away from Richard, as he points his gun towards the banker. Ai takes this opportunity to sneak away and gets around the otherside of the coach to flank Russel. Richard is all but cowering behind Wendy. That's when Russel gets frustrated and shoots up into the air.

Back in the saloon Hank is so preoccupied with his next experiment that he doesn't notice the shifting forms inside Carver's body. If that gun shot outside had been a couple seconds later Hank would have become a meal for that blasted creature. Carver's body began to split at the neck revealing a mangly maw of teeth and flesh.

With his quick thinking Hank grabed that hot iron rod which still had some heat in it and he was able to fend off the creature for a little while. But all the while it's mutating even more, with Carver's head now floating a good two feet above where it should have been attached to a bloody spine.

Suddenly outside the dust storm began swirlin' in an unnatural way. A portion of the dust reached out towards the town and then out of it or maybe from within it came the Bloody Mariachi. I knew she'd be back. She walked right up and past Russel, it stunned him. He wasn't expecting no one behind him. Mary seemed attune to the goings on in the saloon and wasted no time before heading right there.

Richard and Wendy were both likewise flabbergasted by the sudden appearance of the Bloody Mary. Ai took the opportunity to prepare a sneak attack against Russel. At least that's what I think she was doing, and all of a sudden her knife began to crackle with electricity.  

Mary stopped at the door for a brief moment before busting it open to save Hank from the creature formerly known as Carver. It had split open even more and was able to reach both Hank on the far side of the room and Mary at the door. Mary barely hesitated at the sight of such a monstrosity and blasted a couple of screaming rounds through the beast.The sound of those guns still chills my soul.

Outside Ai takes advantage of Russel's distracted state to throw a well aimed knife at the back of his head. He got by with only a scratch on the neck, but he was again surprised by this attack. Richard seized control of the situation by calming Russel down, however Wendy lost her cool when Ai throw that knife at her husband. Even though they was arguing she was of course still loyal, or so it seemed.

Wendy began shooting at Ai, Richard tried to stop her but sort of had his hands full keeping Russel calm. Ai tried to escape but Wendy was too quick, as she moved closer to her husband she managed to hit Ai right in the gut. I've seen plenty of folk go down from lesser wounds, but somehow that Chinese viper was able to keep on her feet.

Everyone in the saloon, now covered in blood and guts, were busy making sure the thing was dead and keeping an eye on that unconscious marshal in case he should start transforming as well. The body had begun twitchin' around and that alone kept their attention. Mary held her guns firm, ready to kill if necessary. Hank moved a little closer to his saviour and the door.

After successfully shooting Ai, Wendy was now right beside her husband and the look on Richard's when Wendy began splitting open and transforming was priceless. I swear he nearly pee'd himself. I was just about ready to book it out of town, but something in me told me to stick around for a bit longer.

Her hand and arm opened up like the jaw of a gator and snatched onto her husbands torso. At this point Ai had had enough of this mess and began bookin' it out into the wilds. 

It didn't take long for that Bloody Mariachi to hear the screams and come on outside. This time there was absolutley no hesitation and Mary shot that monstrousity dead within the blink of an eye. Again with those screaming bullets...

Russel is in shock at this point, not sure of what exactly had just happened. He mumbled somethin about the rest of the townsfolk eatin' each other back at the hangman's post. But when he finally snapped out of it. All of the emotions inside of him manifested as rage. Rage towards the killer of his wife, forgetting immediately that she had just been tryin' to eat him.

Mary sees this in Russel's eyes and tries to reason with him, I don't think I'll ever forget what she said. "Gringo, you have a decision to make. Choose the wrong one and you choose death."

But Russel didn't head her warning and drew his gun. He shot wide, not surpring considering his mental state, then Mary ended him. After the dust had settled Mary called out to Ai, letting her know if was safe to come back. She hadn't gotten too far and when she came back around the coach we noticed how bad her wounds were and both Mary and Richard helped her into the saloon.

Ai seemed to recognize Mary as one of the lengendary Bloody Mariachi her first words were awfully disrespectful though. "I thought you'd be taller."  Mary didn't seem to mind and answered matter o' factly. "You don't need to be tall to play the guitar."

Hank kept his eyes on the marshal and the events outside. The marshal had stopped twitching and had slowly begun stirring back into consciousness. Hank was itchin' to get his hands on that tick and now that the chaos was dying down he figured he could enlist the help of this band of strangers.

First they tried to heal Ai's wounds. Hank being the only one with any medical knowledge gave it an attempt and did a decent job of it. However, she still needed more professional medicial attention.

Instead of that, Hank had another idea. He came out to the coach and grabbed that new science machine of his and brought it back to the saloon. He explained various scientific theories that I think went over everyone's head. But basically he was sayin' that if he fine tuned his device he could heal Ai further.

She was understandably nervous at first, but the rest of the posse seemed confident in the scientist's abilities. So she agreed. He works at the device for a bit then directs it towards her, it made this odd sound. Like nothing I'd ever heard before. Then slowly at first but faster and faster still the bullet was pulled out of Ai's wound all by itself, as if by the vary air around it. Not only that but the wound began closing up faster than I'd ever seen. That Hank must be some kind a genius. I think I'll stick around for a while.

With Ai's wounds healed the posse turned their attention back to the marshal. He remained unconscious for these events but they suspected that wouldn't remain the case for long.

Hank tried to convince the group to extract the tick. Ai played a hand a cards in front of her on a table and after looking over them for a moment, she agreed. Richard and Mary didn't need much convincing after that, seems they trusted whatever Ai saw in those cards.

They each were assigned a task by Hank and without missing a single beat they all executed their jobs perfectly. Ai cut around the tick, Richard pulled it out with vice grips and tossed it into the air, Hank used his healing gadget thinger to close up the wound, and Mary caught the tick in a glass jar, sealing it quickly afterwards.

The tick scuttled around in it's glass prison while hank began to study it. The rest took a moment of respite after such a sudden horryfic event.

That was a mess.

Play shot of the group surrounding the enemy

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