Jed's Journal - Episode 5 - Zeekin' Around

A good bowl of oatmeal sure was welcome after the night we had.

Seems almost everyone was sufferin a bit from too many spirits. Mary being an exception. The morning light came a little too early as old Jed was up a little too late. But the party after the festival was quite somethin'.

The whole town was won over by The Miniachis, featuring our little gang. The celebration filled the park and echoed through the city. Hank saw the fireworker and found his way into helping with the show. These fireworks were unlike any I've seen. They made shapes that were recognizable, like the smoke stacks of Castle Dale. Hank got lost in them. Proud of his own work I suppose, or maybe he saw somethin frightful in them, who knows.

Seemed like everyone was offerin' us up on a place to drink. But it was that new guy, Oscar, who pulled us back to the Pig for another night. The rest of that night is awfullly blurry in my mind. 

After my mornin' oatmeal, I was headed out of town to check on the horses when I saw Richard walkin' though the market. He paid me to cook him up some breakfast for him and his team of investigators. But he gave me way to much money, so I made enough for the whole gang. Raymond at the Pig was nice enough to let me use the kitchen. 

Just as we was enjoying ourselves over a fine meal. This lady showed up all mysterious like. She said her name was Rebbecca and gave the gang an invitation to Dr. Bart's compound for dinner tonight.

She was somethin' to look at that's for sure. But I'd dare not get to close, this was no common lady. The lads asked her a few questions about Dr. Bart and the town. There was talk about eatin' koalas, whatever those are and then she made her way out of the Pig.

Hank had run over to Esmeralda's Garment Factory to request some kind of contraption hat. Mary seemed to be interested in the rumours of small creatures in the mines of Long Drop Canyon. The locals called em' the Jibbers. But it was hard to get much information out of anyone besides what Oscar told us regarding the rumours in the first place.

Richard seemed interested too and called for one of his team members, Egor, to join along. Once Hank returned from his errand the group pushed out. I had a few things to do here in town and told the group to let the stable hands know they would need to access the horses. 

Leavin' town the posse passed by some familiar faces at the gate, Bearl and Jeff. After exchanging a few words it wasn't long before they were on the road and headed to Long Drop Canyon. Oscar took a quick aside and told the group he'd meet up with them later.

As they approached the mountains they passed by several miners pushin' carts full of minerals back to town. The curious thing about this mine is that it wasn't a known source of ghost rock, but seemed to hold almost everything else. As they approached they could see a foreman observin' his workers from a high platform.

Before the posse had a chance to catch the foreman's attention a small old man came rushin' towards them from the south of the mountain range. We learned his name was Zeek.

Zeek ran right passed the posse and headed straight towards the foreman. They argued and Zeek looked awfully concerned about somethin'. Oscar rejoined the group as they started to inquire about the rumors of the Jibbers. Mary used one of them glowin' monster finders that Hank cooked up to look into the mine. She said she saw lots of little creatures movin' about in the shadows.

The foreman refuted any such claims but did allow the posse to go with Zeek if it got him to shut up, and of course if they didn't mettle with the mining operations. Zeek seemed very eager to guide the posse down into the depths of the mine.

The mine was narrow going down with wooden platforms and ladders leading lower and lower until the late morning sun could illuminate the area no longer. The miners stayed up along the walls as there was plenty of ore left to mine and not to mention plenty of light in the upper tiers. 

The platforms descended until they hit a plateau with various tunnels. Zeek guided the posse towards where he'd seen the Jibbers previously. The area away from the opening in the canyon got dark quickly. Zeek had a torch that he promptly lit. Richard also offered up his latern to Oscar so that he could light with his cigar. 

Now this next part escapes me, but for some reason when Oscar grabbed the latern he started puking something fierce and dropped it. Richard was not so impressed. After a bit of cleaning the latern worked fine, but smelled awful.

As they approached a recent cave in, they began to hear some chatter. Hank used his gadget to manipulate the stone just enough to allow Zeek to push through. Once on the other side, the darkness really began to envelop them, and the chattering become much louder.

Hank began trying to communicate with the creatures and noted that they seemed to mimic him at times. He and some of the other members of the party began to call out to the hidden creatures but after a bit of back and forth that led no where Bloody Mary had had enough and pushed forward nodging Zeek along with her.

After a bit more navigation they turned a corner and there laid the largest pile of ghost rock any 'em them had ever laid eyes on. Richard was especially taken aback by the sheer value of the stockpile. It was as though the ghost rock chunks had been mined out of the earth and piled percariously high by someone or something. 

The large open room was faintly light by the glow of the ghost rock. As Richard proceeded forward everyone else prepared for the worst. The chattering creatures remained hidden but their jibberin' intensified as Richard approached what was likely their pile of treasure.

Egor went along with Richard and advised against taking any ghost rock, as did many in the posse. But Richard couldn't quite resist, and grabbed a chunk for himself.

Without hesitation about a dozen of these yellow deformed men descended upon them. They were all focused on Richard with Ghost Rock in hand. Even after he put the ore back into the pile the Jibbers were intensely focused on him.

Oscar then had the bright idea to try and capture one of the creatures. It would be hard for the foreman to denie their existance if he brought back some proof. So he proceeded to try and sneak up on the creature, but did so very poorly...

There was one Jibber that stood out. The only one that wore any kind of clothing and waved around a weird stick. It seemed to be their leader. Mary took note of this and did some of her spanish prayin' or some shit. And somehow it affected Zeek. He lost his memory or regained it, I'm not quite sure, but something changed in him.

Richard was able to distract some of the Jibbers by literally throwing money at them. Damn rich folk. At one point I think he even gave the creatures his pocket watch to buy some time. Him an Egor then tried to make it to safety behind the posse.

Hank was able to use his device to rain pebbles and dust from the ceiling of the tunnel unto the creatures distracting them further. This gave Oscar the opportunity to grab hold of one of them and well, he then used his handcuffed prisoner to beat the others silly. When the Jibbers fought back against Oscar, Hank was able to spray him with some type of gooey substance that stuck onto Oscar's body and hardened as tough armour. It smelled oddly like oatmeal.

Zeek in his confusion tossed some dyamite towards the battle. Now I ain't sure if meant to or not, but it only hurt a couple of the creatures followin' Richard and Egor, and none of the posse.

It didn't take Mary too long to take out their leader and several others. They were able to quickly subdue the rest of the Jibbers. After their leader fell they lost most of their will to fight. Richard was able to get his pocket watch back too.

After that ordeal the posse began to discuss the possibility of transporting some of the ghost out of the mine and or coming back down for more. Mary paid little attention to their talks and was focused on the last of the Jibbers who had fled the scene.

The Jibber was able to get away through a series of small tunnels. But this didn't stop the Mariachi. She followed him swiftly, disappearing from view as she did so. When she finally caught up to the creature she didn't waste any time in ending it's life. When she looked up she saw that these caverns had a little more depth than originally perceived. Cascading tunnels led to yet many more similar open rooms. Each with it's own pile of ghost rock.

In that darkness she could feel the chill of death closer than ever before.  

Notable Quotes

"That's with two 'B's and two 'C's darling." - Rebbecca

"There's greed in giving." - Richard

"I'm as literal as a horseshoe on a hand grenade." - Oscar


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