Jed's Journal - Episode 6 - ...And Lookee What We Found

The posse's mining expedition turned out to be quite an ordeal. I'm a little sorry to have missed such an event, but Old Jed always gets wind of the story.

The battle had just ended. They were still underground in the caves below the mines, in the room with a pile of ghost rock higher than most people ever did see. The faint glow of this new coal gave off just enough light to see that they were safe for now.

Richard looked around the room trying to find the path that Mary had gone down. In his search he discovered that the walls of the room were filled with dozens of smaller tunnels, none that he seemed able to fit through though. He did notice a faint glow in one and reach his arm in to investigate. He didn't find much except for some dust, when he pulled out he brushed most of it off but didn't notice that there some some dust still on his fingers and he inadvertently snorted some.

A sudden rush came over Richard, the dust he ingested happened to be ghost rock powder. Known to some as ghost dust, God help him. Hank however was very keen on this and studied the effects of ingestion.

Richard described a feeling of high energy, and light headedness. Then after that settled down, a heightened ability to see in the dark as well as a sense for the location of ghost rock.

Oscar still had one of them Jibber creatures handcuffed to his arm. He had knocked it unconscious to keep it from squirming too much. He was the only one who seemed interested in getting out of the caves right away. Remembering that they had an invitation to Dr. Bart's party. It didn't take much convincing to get the group moving, Zeek tagged along, but proved to be unhelpful getting them out, he seems to have lost some memory.

In the darkness away from the group Mary could sense a familiar presence. The Death spirit that follows her appeared before her. It questioned her intentions and tried to remind her of her greater goal. Mary stubbornly told the manifestation that she has not forgotten her goal.

The death spirit told Mary she had two choices. To find the one's responsible for gathering all of this ghost rock together or return to her friends as they were about to get into some trouble. Mary choose the third option as the spirit faded away. She shot a empowered bullet towards the nearest pile of ghost rock, ignited it and creating a cascade of explosions as one pile after another continued the chain. She followed it.

The rest of the posse had spent some time trying to find their way back when the heard the explosions. They'd gotten far enough away to avoid a firey death, and with some quick thinking they were able to avoid some falling rocks, although the way out seemed to be blocked now.

After the rumbling settled they continued to navigate through the tunnels, knowing there was at least one more exit, since Zeek had ermeged from somewhere besides the main entrance earlier. They'd begun racing against the clock. They needed to move faster if they planned to make it to the dinner in time.

As Mary followed the path of exploding ghost rock she witnessed hundreds of Jibbers getting vapourized by the blasts and hundreds more injured. The explosions were getting small as they approached the East. Mary took note that they seemed to be pointed in that direction. But for what purpose, she did not know. She stopped to end the suffering of one particular Jibber. Not realizing that someone was watching her do so.  

The posse was on the verge of escaping the tunnels thanks to some great teamwork and Richard's heightened senses. When they heard the jibberish echo through the tunnels around them. It started low but got increasingly louder as they ran for the exit.

As they passed a corridor the posse was cut down the middle by a large group of Jibbers. It was a choatic time. Richard and Egor were both being targeted as they were slower while carrying a large amount of ghost rock. Oscar was able to fend off most of the Jibbers headed his way.

Mid battle Hank had a genius idea and used his device to trap most of the Jibbers in place. His device bade the very earth to sprout up and grab hold of the Jibbers. They were still resisting though and it was clear these rocky restraints would not hold forever.

At this point Mary had found the room where they last fought he Jibbers but was unable to find them after that. After wandering around for a little while she found herself amoung three Jibbers. One of which was slightly taller and clearly held power over the others.

This was the Queen of the Jibbers, and she tried to communicate with Mary. Miraculously somehow Mary was able to speak jibberish fluently. Her and the Queen cautiously talked. The Queen revealed that they were not evil but her people were being controlled. She pleaded to Mary to save her people before Mary's companions murdered many of her kin.

Mary was abliged to help and the queen led her to the battle scene. Mary could see that the Jibbers were under control of Hank's device but the posse hadn't stopped fighting. Oscar was setting up a bundle of eight sticks of dynamite to trhow into the fray.

Mary made her entrance and jumnped in just in time. Oscar threw the dynamite expertly to deal the most damage possible. But just in time Mary was able to pull out her bone whip and latch onto the bundle, throwing it away from everyone.

After that the Queen called down to her people and the fighting stopped. Zeek seemed real interested in the Jibbers. Everyone was happy to get moving and left the caves. But they had a new challenge to face.

Egor pointed out that it might not be the best idea to try and smuggle this much ghost rock out of a mine. The posse agreed and tried to spread the load in order to keep a low profile. As they climed the scaffolding the miner's songs filled the space in the canyon and echoed throughout.

The foreman questioned them, asking about the rocks they carried with them. Some clever talkin' helped them convince the foreman that these were but worthless scientific samples. He let them go without much trouble. He barely even noticed that Zeek was no longer with them. In fact the whole posse didn't notice it right away.

Richard was beginning to sweat and found himself craving another dose of ghost rock powder. When he went to snort some more it caught Mary's attention. She was furious, saying somethign about how the ghost rock was her people and Richard was abusing them. It really shook Ricard up but I think I saw in his eyes a familiar look, that of those falling into the grips of an addiction.

Dark clouds began brewing overhead. Luckily Old Jed showed up with a coach just in time to help them carry all of the ghost rock back to town. Getting it into town will be another story.

Notable Quotes

"If you die you will be the first to know." - Hank

"I will save your people." - Mary

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