Jed's Journal - Episode 8 - Where the Looking Glass Went

The posse was split up. Richard, Ai, and Tessa, were all reasting at the Pig. Ai quickly went upstairs to rest from her ordeal at the compound. Tessa was now fully back to her old self and the group had found her some clothes. She was mighty hungry and began eating some of Ester's famous oatmeal.

Richard wondered where his team had gone, as only Weston was left waiting in the Pig. He explained to Ricahrd how there was some commotion down at the Watchervatory and that the rest of the team went there to investigate. Ester was also giving Richard a queer look, suspicious of the colour in his eyes.

Oscar entered the Pig too, lookin' for us. He sat down by Tessa and was awfully curious. She shrugged him off after making sure he wasn't a threat. Richard confirmed who Oscar was. A friend of sorts.

Hank and Mary shared a deep conversation on there way to the Garmet Factory. Mary's dry series of questions helped to remind Hank that he wants to use the new science for good to avoid the nightmares he foresaw should his technology get into the wrong hands. They arrived at the Garmet Factory and made note of the commotion outside the Watchervatory across the road.

Inside the Garmet Factory, Ezmeralda was frantically gathering her things and barely noticed them enter. They questioned her and she explained how the quake and the raining ash was the last straw, she was an older mexican woman who had seen too much in her past and trusted her instincts to flee.

Her three boys Juan, Ricardo, and Julien, were helping by packing their own bags. Mary instantly recognized the three boys as the Miniachis, the kids who helped them get into the musical contest.

Back at the Pig Ester confronted Richard about his symptoms, it was hard to hide the blue veins, and she had seen this before. She gave Richard a concoction she called Black Milk that was a thick chaulky syrup she said would help cure him.

Richard took a few gulps and impressively held it down. After that he began to feel much better, but the urge to consume the ghost rock powder had not totally dispeared. He put the rest of the Black Milk in a bottle to save for later.

Just after he finished that, Tessa got real tense and said firm but quietly that someone was coming. Rebecca showed up at the Pig, Tessa kept her back to the door and tried to remain unseen.

Rebecca was looking for Richard and she was glad she had found him. She'd down some background research and had a proposition for Richard, he was curious. She invited him to the compound early so they could have a chat. She didn't waste much time after that and left the building.

Weston urged Richard to come and checkout the scene at the Watchervatory before heading to the compound. Richard agreed and Oscar decided to tag along. Tessa thought it best she rest for now and Richard gave her the key to his room at a nicer hotel.

Mary was trying to help Ezmeralda calm down with Hank, but she heard the voice of Death call to her once again. She followed it across the way to the Watchervatory. Hank agreed to help distract the kids while Ezmeralda finished up the final touches on his hat. Though she agreed, she was still itching to leave the city.

Mary wade through the crowd out front of the Watchervatory easily but was stopped by a familiar face. Hector, the steel jawed muscle man for Dr. Bart, was blocking the door and keeping eveyone out. After a short intimidating exchange, Hector agreed to let Mary through.

Once inside Mary could see that there had been a death and Albert Freeman, the engineer with the mechanical arm, was investigating and questioning the lab assistant. Mary ignored them for now and headed up to the cicular walkway around the perimeter of the building. Here in the darkness death spoke to Mary.

They discussed their relationship, Death tried to explain that their connection was tenuous and he needed Mary to cooperate. Mary tried to understand and agreed to be a little more cooperative. After that Death explained that this was definitely a murder and those resonsible were part of the evil that plagued Castle Dale.

Mary descended the stairs and proclaimed to Albert that she knew for certain this was a murder. Albert was startled but went along with her. He explained that the assistant was also the victim's son. The victim being Professor Billy, another of the notable scientists in Castle Dale and also a contract staff to Dr. Bart's compound. 

As they discussed the details Albert had discovered so far Mary determined that the boy was indeed innocent and was genuinly grieving over his father's death.

As Oscar, Richard, and Weston approached the commotion Oscar took a quick aside with some street dweller. They exchanged some information, it seems Oscar had a plan of his own.

They then got to the crowd and Weston began asking around for more information. The rest of the team was no longer here. And it sounded like they had tried to get inside but didn't have any luck getting through Hector. Discouraged they returned to the grand hotel.

Inside the Garmet Factory Ezmeralda was nearly done with Hank's hat. In the back room Hank was showing the boys his gizmo and as they grabbed at it and fiddled the thing suddenly starting whirring and a huge blast of light was emitted. Hank had a moment then where he felt like he could see the entire city, even through walls with the light. But the one thing that threw him was that the light seemed blocked by the large outter walls of Castle Dale. A suspicion of those walls was growing within Hank. 

Richard and Oscar noticed this light and went into the Garmet Factory to check on Hank and Mary. Inside Ezmeralda had just finished the hat and was ready to take her boys and leave. After Hank briefly explained the situation to Richard he was able to calm her down even further and convince her to stay put for just another night. 

The topic of the walls came up and Ezmeralda's claimed that they contain ghosts sent Richard into the corner of the room for a little while.

Mary not knowing much about the sort of equipment in the Watchervatory went to fetch Hank for some assistance. She quickly passed through the crowd that was now dispersing, and inside the Garmet Factory she found convinced everyone to come help her.

Once they moved to the Watchervatory everyone did their fair share in investigating the murder scene. Seems the scientist had a massive lens fall directly on his chest. The posse figured out that the lens was sabotaged to fall and that the scientist seemed to be forced to lay down underneith the lens before it fell. Hank was able to put all the pieces together and figure out how it must have happened. Hank also found Billy's notebook containing mysterious codes and the letter R.

Albert saw that the posse was actually quite skilled at this type of investigation and told he had other matters to attend to and should they discover anything else, that they should let him know.

They spent a little while longer looking around and then Richard remembered abotu his meeting with Rebecca so he left early to make it on time. The rest of them spent more time looking around until they were also ready to head to the compound.

We were all curious to finally learn more about this Dr. Bart.

Notable Quotes

"Did you see outside? It's literally raining death." - Oscar

"How fares the Jibber? Do you care if he lives or dies?" - Mary

"If there's evil here, I will end it." - Mary

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